modern wood burner Haselmere

Modern Wood Burner Installation, Haselmere, Surrey

FireBug were called to a modern house in Haselmere to remodel the fireplace and fit a wood burning stove. There was a reproduction cast fireplace fitted which was at odds with the style of the house. We changed this fireplace for a modern, clean looking wood burner with oak mantlepiece and granite hearth.

The Wood burner is a Stovax Vogue Midi, a great looking modern stove with hight efficiency and perfect heat output for the room.

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modern wood burner Haselmere

Stovax stove haselemere

free standing wood burner alton. Log burner installation.

Free Standing Wood Burner, Alton, Hampshire

This free standing wood burner is a Contura 810L with a twin wall chimney system. If you want a wood burner but don’t have a chimney in place a prefabricated twin wall chimney system is the simple solution. The basic requirement for a freestanding stove is a non combustible hearth & a flue to remove the combustion gasses.

A free standing wood burner is a great way to introduce a new clean and efficient heat source to you room.

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free standing wood burner alton

freestanding wood burner with round hearth

Edwardian tiles fireplace with log burner

Tiled Fireplace Renovation with Log Burner, Guildford, Surrey

FireBug were commissioned to carry out a tiled fireplace renovation & Log Burner installation in Guildford, Surrey. The original fireplace had a cast iron fireback and the hearth was in a very bad state of repair. First we removed the cast iron fireplace and backfill. To line the sides of the fireplace we built new brickwork to match the original brick work at the back of the fireplace. The hearth was taken back to the sub hearth level & new matching tiles were laid. The tiles are a hand glazed fireplace tile, made in the traditional way so they matched perfectly.

With a fireplace opening of this size the goto log burner is the Hobbit SE by Salamander stoves. FireBug can supply and fit Hobbit stoves and all the Salamander accessories. Although the Hobbit looks small, it still has an output of 4 Kw which is by no means to small for a room of this size.

Renovating this fireplace has give the customer a working and efficient appliance without having to take away one of the original features of the house.

Please get in touch if you need to discuss a fireplace restoration or log burner installation.

tiled fireplace with log burner

Vintage tile fireplace with hobbit log burner

victorian tiled fireplace with log burner

Edwardian tiles fireplace with log burner

cast iron wood burner in brick fireplace

ACR Oakdale Multi Fuel Stove, Alton, East Hampshire

The ACR Oakdale is a large cast iron multi fuel stove. This fireplace was almost ready to go. The original hearth needed to be replaced and there were one of two brick in the fireplace that needed replacing. The Chimney was swept and smoke tested. A stainless steel chimney liner fitted & cowl installed. We fitted a new hearth in riven slate and trimmed the skirting boards back appropriately. Finally it was a case of fitting the ACR Oakdale, testing and commissioning.

The addition of a mutli fuel stove to this victorian property has transformed the fireplace from a draughty inefficient heat source to a clean, warm and efficient room heater.

If you would like to update your fireplace with a multi fuel stove please get in touch.

cast iron multi fuel burner in brick fireplace

cast iron wood burner in brick fireplace

Chesney wood burner in Atlantic blue

Chesney’s Beaumont Wood Burner in Atlantic Blue, Ash Green, Surrey

The beautiful stove chosen for this installation was a Chesney’s Beaumont wood burner finished in Atlantic Blue. When choosing a coloured stove often the subtler the colour the better the effect, which is why we like the Atlantic blue and also the sage green from Chesney’s.

This job involved removing a large brick fireplace which had been installed in the 1960’s. After inspection it became apparent that the chimney required repointing. Luckily this property is a bungalow so the access requirements were quite minimal. The chimney was repointed, flaunting replaced and disused chimney pot capped. We then lined the chimney with a stainless steel flexible flue from Poujoulat. The fireplace interior was finished in a lime render whilst the front and sides of the chimney breast were plastered. There heart here is a honed granite (that is a smooth, matt finish granite).

Notice how the customer has painted the chimney breast a dark blue colour similar to the stove, but has painted the interior of the fireplace in a mid grey tone. It is always a good idea when choosing colours to make sure that you retain contrast between the stove and the inside of the fireplace. If you were to paint the inside of the fireplace to match the stove the definition of the stove can become lost in shadow.

Remodelling this customers fireplace and installing an efficient wood burner has totally changed the feel of the room. It’s given a beautiful aesthetic whilst also being a practice way to heat the room.

If you would like to explore the options of updating your fireplace with a new Woodburner then please get in touch.

ornate wood burner in Atlantic blue

Chesney wood burner in Atlantic blue

log burner with oak mantle and matching shelves

Log Burner with Oak mantlepiece, Deepcut, Surrey

An oak mantlepiece fitted along with a new Woodburner. This property had an open fireplace that had been blocked up. Initially we opened up thew fireplace, swept and lined the chimney. The brickwork inside the fireplace benefited from being cleaned up and repointed with a lime mortar. The hearth had already been laid, it was adequate and looked right for the fireplace. The stove is an ACR Oakdale with high legs – its a very efficient stove and heats the room up in no time. To finish this install we fitted a rustic oak mantle piece above the fireplace and also fitted two shelves of a similar size into the alcove next to the fireplace. All were finished with a danish oil to give a natural effect.

Please contact us to enquire about fitting a log burner or an oak mantlepiece in your home.

scratch coat preparing for plaster

Large rustic fireplace with chesney wood burner

Chesney Log Burner Installation, Hook, Hampshire

A beautiful Chesney’s Chesney Log Burner Installation in Hook. We were called to look at a fireplace in a beautiful old house in Rotherwick, Hook. The fireplace had been bricked up to a very small opening but upon inspection we could see that the original fireplace was much bigger. As we unpicked the old fireplace we revealed a lovely sized opening with a nice swept arch of rustic brickwork.

We swept tested and lined the chimney with help of a cherry picker. after a few repairs we repointed the brickwork inside the fireplace with lime mortar and plastered the face of the chimney breast. The hearth material here is a riven slate – the perfect match for rustic brickwork. This is one of our favourite stoves – the Salisbury 5 by Chesney.

Opening up this fireplace and fitting a beautiful stove like the Chesney’s has transformed the room. Most importantly it has also introduced a clean renewable way to heat the room whilst giving that cosiness only a fire can provide.

Do you need a log burner installation in hook or the surrounding area? Please get in touch to see if we can help you.

Large rustic fireplace with chesney wood burner

Double sided stove in farnham surrey

Double Sided Wood Burner, Weybourne, Farnham, Surrey.

FireBug was commissioned to fit a double sided wood burner, as part of the complete renovation of this customers house. The work involved sweeping, lining and capping the chimney, lime rendering the interior of the fireplace and plastering of the chimney breast. The stove is a traditional style double sided burner, the Hunter Hawk 4. The customer chose a light sandstone for the hearth to match the light coloured parquet flooring. Installing the double sided burner gave them a clean, renewable heat source in the living room as well as one in the kitchen diner.

If you would like to explore fitting a double sided wood burner in your home, please get in touch.

Double sided stove in farnham surrey

Double sided stove in farnham surrey

Double sided stove in farnham surrey

cream cast iron stove with rustic mantle piece

Cream Cast Iron Stove & Twin Wall Flue Installation, Godalming, Surrey

This the F100, a cast iron multi fuel stove by Jotul. The stove is finished in a cream enamel. This was an existing open fireplace with an unusable chimney. We ran a new Poujoulat twin wall chimney system though the bedroom above, through the loft space and exiting through the roof. The customer specified a light coloured hearth, which is a textured but lightly polished sandstone. The huge oak mantlepiece was found at a local reclamation yard and then finished sand blasted and oiled.

This stove gives a great centre piece to the room and matches perfectly the other decoration throughout the house.

Get in touch to discuss installation of a cast iron stove in your home.

cream enamel log burner with rustic mantle piece

externally build fireplace

External Fireplace with Twinwall Flue, Farnham, Surrey

FireBug were commissioned to construct an external fireplace chamber with twin wall chimney system.

This customer wanted to create a fireplace in a room without a chimney, but they didn’t want to loose the space that an internal false chimney breast take up. The solution is to build the fireplace chamber on the outside of the house.

This construction requires a small footing to be laid to support the weight of the new brickwork. We then match the construction of the main house, that is double skin brickwork with insulation. The fireplace chamber is operated from the roof structure by a fire break. We then run a Poujoulat twin wall chimney system to through the new roof structure to the correct termination height above the roof.

We then laid a granite front and back hearth inside and fitted a limestone fireplace surround. After this came the plastering and finally fitting the wood burning stove. The stove here is a Shoreditch 5 series.

Now our customer has a a safe & efficient way to heat their living room as well as a beautiful centre point to the room.

Please get in contact to explore the options of an external fireplace for your home.

twinwall exits an external fireplace

twinwall exits an external fireplace

externally build fireplace

externally build fireplace