Small Wood Burning Stove Installation Into Cast Iron

Small Wood Burning Stove with Cast Iron Fireplace, Petersfield, Hampshire

Converting original antique fireplaces to accept a small wood burning stove is a speciality of ours. Most fireplaces of this style can only fit the smallest of stoves. Luckily for us Salamander Stoves have created the Hobbit SE stove. Originally designed for narrow boats and shepherds huts, the hobbit is a perfect fit even for thew smallest of fireplaces. This small wood burning stove still has an output of 4KW which is ample for the typical room size we find associated with this style of fireplace.

Contact Firebug now if you have an antique fireplace that you would like to convert to a wood burning stove.

Small Wood Burning Stove Installation Into Cast Iron Fireplace Small Wood Burning Stove Installation Into Cast Iron Small Wood Burning Stove Installation Into Cast Iron Small Wood Burning Stove Installation Into Cast Iron

making tea on a hobbit stove in the art studio

Hobbit Log Burner in Art Studio Wood, Alton, East Hampshire

The Hobbit Woodburning stove is the perfect choice when space is at a minimum. These tiny stoves were originally designed to be fitted in narrow boats but we have fitted them in all sorts of properties. More often than not this the stove of choice for garden rooms, garden offices and shepherds huts.

Our customer contacted us as she wanted a way to heat her art studio at the bottom of her garden. She also requested that we set the stove up so she could heat her tea pot on the top. This stove is shown with the tall stand – which we would normally recommend when in a free standing situation.

The stove is standing on a limestone hearth and is connected to as twinwall insulated flue. We couldn’t recommend this little stove enough, especially if you have a small space that needs a decent heat output.

making tea on a hobbit stove in the art studio

hobbit stove in art studio

twin wall flue install in garden room

twin wall flue install in art studio

Floating oak mantle piece

Chesney’s Wood Burner With Oak Mantle, Farnham, Surrey

Chesney’s Salisbury 4 wood burner with floating oak mantle piece. This Victorian townhouse in Farnham had a cast iron fireplace and wooden surround. This was probably fitted the last ten years and wasn’t to the customer’s taste.

The chimney required sweeping and lining and some minor repairs. We also capped the other four disused chimney pots to keep the nesting birds and water ingress at bay. This was a particularly inaccessible chimney which needed scaffolding to do the required work.

After removing the surround and cast fireback we lime rendered the inside of the fireplace and plastered the front and sides of the chimney breast. It is at this point that we measure up for the hearth and get it cut by our stone mason. The customer requested a floating oak mantlepiece with a square planed finish to match the other woodwork in the room.

Once made we laid the hearth and fitted the mantle piece. The final stage is to install and test the wood burner. This has given the customer the much cleaner look that they wanted whilst giving them an efficient and clean way to heat their living room.

Chesney wood burner in victorian house

wood burner with oak floating mantlepiece

Floating oak mantle piece

Hobbit wood burning stove with hand made tiles

Small Wood Burning Stove Installation Farnham, Surrey

Small Wood Burning Stove Installation in Shepherds Hut in Farnham, Surrey

This small Salamander Hobbit wood burning stove is perfect for a small space like a custom built shepherd hut. The clipped corner hearth in river slate is perfect to keeping things compact and out of the way whilst still protecting the building from fire. If you have a small space, garden room, shepherds hut or art studio that needs an independent heat source get in touch with FireBug to fit you a wood burning stove.