cast iron wood burner in brick fireplace

ACR Oakdale Multi Fuel Stove, Alton, East Hampshire

The ACR Oakdale is a large cast iron multi fuel stove. This fireplace was almost ready to go. The original hearth needed to be replaced and there were one of two brick in the fireplace that needed replacing. The Chimney was swept and smoke tested. A stainless steel chimney liner fitted & cowl installed. We fitted a new hearth in riven slate and trimmed the skirting boards back appropriately. Finally it was a case of fitting the ACR Oakdale, testing and commissioning.

The addition of a mutli fuel stove to this victorian property has transformed the fireplace from a draughty inefficient heat source to a clean, warm and efficient room heater.

If you would like to update your fireplace with a multi fuel stove please get in touch.

cast iron multi fuel burner in brick fireplace

cast iron wood burner in brick fireplace

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