Modern freestanding wood burner

Hwam 3120C Wood Burner Installation, Fleet, Hampshire

This beautiful modern wood burner is a Hwam 3120C was installed in a property in Church Crookham, Fleet, Hampshire. The Hwams are fantastic stoves with the highest fuel efficiency & a very clean burn. This is our go to brand when it comes to fitting contemporary freestanding styles of wood burners. The installation features a black granite hearth with a lightly textured finish which is laid directly over the new flooring. As the property was without a chimney we installed a new external Twinwall chimney system by Poujoulat in a black finish throughout.

This installation was part of the total renovation of the room – which included new flooring, skirting boards, wood paneling and new radiators. This was the perfect situation for us – we were able to fit the lintels and cut the hole through the wall at the early stage of the renovation. We then completed the plastering and fitted the entire length of the external flue. Once the floor was fitted and decorating completed it is the perfect time to lay the hearth and do the final install and commissioning of the wood burner it’s self.

If you would like to talk about fitting a wood burner into your property then please contact Firebug now! 

Modern freestanding wood burner Modern freestanding wood burner Modern freestanding wood burner Modern freestanding wood burner

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