Chesney wood burner in Atlantic blue

Chesney’s Beaumont Wood Burner in Atlantic Blue, Ash Green, Surrey

The beautiful stove chosen for this installation was a Chesney’s Beaumont wood burner finished in Atlantic Blue. When choosing a coloured stove often the subtler the colour the better the effect, which is why we like the Atlantic blue and also the sage green from Chesney’s.

This job involved removing a large brick fireplace which had been installed in the 1960’s. After inspection it became apparent that the chimney required repointing. Luckily this property is a bungalow so the access requirements were quite minimal. The chimney was repointed, flaunting replaced and disused chimney pot capped. We then lined the chimney with a stainless steel flexible flue from Poujoulat. The fireplace interior was finished in a lime render whilst the front and sides of the chimney breast were plastered. There heart here is a honed granite (that is a smooth, matt finish granite).

Notice how the customer has painted the chimney breast a dark blue colour similar to the stove, but has painted the interior of the fireplace in a mid grey tone. It is always a good idea when choosing colours to make sure that you retain contrast between the stove and the inside of the fireplace. If you were to paint the inside of the fireplace to match the stove the definition of the stove can become lost in shadow.

Remodelling this customers fireplace and installing an efficient wood burner has totally changed the feel of the room. It’s given a beautiful aesthetic whilst also being a practice way to heat the room.

If you would like to explore the options of updating your fireplace with a new Woodburner then please get in touch.

ornate wood burner in Atlantic blue

Chesney wood burner in Atlantic blue

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