Modern freestanding wood burner

Hwam 3120C Wood Burner Installation, Fleet, Hampshire

This beautiful modern wood burner is a Hwam 3120C was installed in a property in Church Crookham, Fleet, Hampshire. The Hwams are fantastic stoves with the highest fuel efficiency & a very clean burn. This is our go to brand when it comes to fitting contemporary freestanding styles of wood burners. The installation features a black granite hearth with a lightly textured finish which is laid directly over the new flooring. As the property was without a chimney we installed a new external Twinwall chimney system by Poujoulat in a black finish throughout.

This installation was part of the total renovation of the room – which included new flooring, skirting boards, wood paneling and new radiators. This was the perfect situation for us – we were able to fit the lintels and cut the hole through the wall at the early stage of the renovation. We then completed the plastering and fitted the entire length of the external flue. Once the floor was fitted and decorating completed it is the perfect time to lay the hearth and do the final install and commissioning of the wood burner it’s self.

If you would like to talk about fitting a wood burner into your property then please contact Firebug now! 

Modern freestanding wood burner Modern freestanding wood burner Modern freestanding wood burner Modern freestanding wood burner

Bronpi HUELVA four sided log burner Hampshire

Bronpi HUELVA four sided log burner, Bucks Horn Oak, Hampshire

This unusual stove is the Bronpi HUELVA four sided log burner. It has a whopping 16Kw output which was perfect for this large open plan house in Bucks Horn Oak in Hampshire. The burner is connected to a 200mm twin wall flue system which runs up through the loft space above. The hearth is a honed granite.

The four sided aspect of this log burner is absolutely amazing. The Bronpi HUELVA has given this customer a great carbon neutral way to heat their home.

Bronpi HUELVA four sided log burner hampshire

Bronpi HUELVA four sided stove

Bronpi HUELVAfour sided stove

four sided stove farnham

Bronpi HUELVA four sided log burner Hampshire

free standing wood burning stove with twin wall flue

Contura 556 Style Wood Burner Installation, Farringdon, Alton, Hampshire

FireBug were commissioned to install a Contura 556 freestanding wood burner in a new build property in Farringdon, near Alton.

The house had been built with a mock chimney stack. This required us to install an internal twin wall chimney system to expel the combustion gasses from the wood burner. This ran up through the bedroom on the first floor where we tucked it into the corner of the room. The flue must be boxed in on every floor above the ground floor. The upside is, once the boxing in is plastered and decorated, it quickly disappears into the background. In the loft we built a cage around the flue, this makes inspection of the flue nice and easy whilst keeping combustible materials away from the flue.

The Chimney exists through the roof in a black finish – this always helps the flue to blend in, especially with this stye of property.

freestanding wood burner on rounded granite hearth

Contura 556 style wood burner

free standing wood burner Hampshire

free standing wood burning stove with twin wall flue

twinwall flue installation

twinwall flue for wood burning stoves

Twin wall flue in loft space
Stuv Inset wood burner with brick fireplace

Stuv Inset Log Burner Installation, Bordon, Hampshire

FireBug were asked to fit a stove into this customers brickwork fireplace. When a fireplace opening is very small it is often best to fit an inset log burner. This type of stove will give you the biggest firebox for the size of the opening, as opposed to a freestanding that will need an air gap around the stove. The Stuv inset log burner looked great with the very modern looking fireplace. We removed the original fireback, swept and then lined the chimney. Fitting and testing the Stuv inset was the final stage.

The Stuv inset log burner is one of FireBug’s favourite inset stoves available, along with the Contura i4 – the goto stoves when a small inset log burner is required.

Stuv Inset wood burner with brick hearth

Stuv Inset wood burner with brick fireplace

log burner with brick slip fireplace

Log Burner Installation, Camberley, Surrey

We were commissioned to carry out a log burner installation in Camberley, surrey. The requirement was to install a Purefire Panoramic log burner into a new property in Camberley. A light brickwork hearth was matched with brick slips to line the fireplace. The chimney was constructed with a new Isokern pumice chimney liner. The customer supplied the great looking panoramic stove which we connected, tested and HETAS certificated.

Do you require a Log Burner Installation in Camberley, Surrey? Call us now to arrange a free site survey.

log burner with brick slip fireplace

modern log burner with brick fireplacefireplace air supply

Charnwood wood burner installation in aldershot

Charnwood C-four Wood Burning Stove Installation, Aldershot, Hampshire

Another fantastic Wood Burning Stove Installation in Aldershot.

This beautiful wood burning stove was fitted by the FireBug team for a customer in Aldershot. The Stove is a Charnwood C-four wood burner finished in a blue colour, with a riven slate hearth.

This installation required us to open up the blocked up fireplace. We swept the chimney and then installed a stainless steel chimney liner. The sub hearth had been removed when the flooring has been laid so this was reinstated. We plastered the front and sides of the chimney breast and lime rendered the inside of the fireplace.

This is a really stylish stove, especially in the blue finish. This has give our customer a great focal point for the room whilst also providing them with a renewable, clean heating appliance.

Contact us now to discuss Wood Burning Stove Installation in Aldershot or the surround area.

Charnwood log burner installation aldershot

Charnwood wood burner installation in aldershot

clean modern fireplace design in Aldershot

Charnwood c-four wood burner in blue finish
Charnwood blue wood burning stove fitted in Aldershot
log burner with large window

Heta Ambition 5 Log Burner, Alton, Hampshire

FireBug was asked to fit this Ambition 5 log burner into a property in Alton. This job required the removal of a very dated stone fireplace surround, hearth and fireback. Removing this revealed a much nicer sized fireplace opening, perfect for the large width of the Ambition 5. The Chimney required lining with a stainless steel chimney liner. Two new chimney pots were fitted along with cowls, and the flaunching replaced.

The fireplace has been lime rendered & chimney breast plastered. After the plaster had dried and was decorated we fitted a riven granite hearth with is a mid to dark grey colour. The final touch was a stove with a nice big window to really show off the flames.

Completing this project has transformed the room. The original dark and dated fireplace surround with inefficient open fire has give way to a much more modern, clean look. Now they have a clean burning and efficient heat source for the room.

Please get in touch to discuss installing a log burner in Alton or the surrounding area.

log burner alton

log burner on riven slate hearth

log burner with large window

modern wood burner Haselmere

Modern Wood Burner Installation, Haselmere, Surrey

FireBug were called to a modern house in Haselmere to remodel the fireplace and fit a wood burning stove. There was a reproduction cast fireplace fitted which was at odds with the style of the house. We changed this fireplace for a modern, clean looking wood burner with oak mantlepiece and granite hearth.

The Wood burner is a Stovax Vogue Midi, a great looking modern stove with hight efficiency and perfect heat output for the room.

Contact us now if you are interested in fitting a modern wood burner in your home.

modern wood burner Haselmere

Stovax stove haselemere

free standing wood burner alton. Log burner installation.

Free Standing Wood Burner, Alton, Hampshire

This free standing wood burner is a Contura 810L with a twin wall chimney system. If you want a wood burner but don’t have a chimney in place a prefabricated twin wall chimney system is the simple solution. The basic requirement for a freestanding stove is a non combustible hearth & a flue to remove the combustion gasses.

A free standing wood burner is a great way to introduce a new clean and efficient heat source to you room.

Contact us now to discuss fitting a free standing wood burner in your home.

free standing wood burner alton

freestanding wood burner with round hearth

industrial stove with twinwall flue

Industrial Style Multi Fuel Stove, Warnford, Winchester, Hampshire

This is a Brunner Iron Dog multi fuel stove. Installed as the heat source for an artists studio in an old farm building that was being repurposed . The Stove is connected to a twinwall insulated chimney from Poujoulat.

Wood Burning and multi fuel stoves are a great way to provide clean & green heat to off grid building.

industrial stove with twinwall flue

industrial stove with twinwall flue

industrial stove with twinwall flue

industrial stove with twinwall flue