Chimney rebuild in Aldershot

Chimney Rebuild Aldershot, Hampshire

Victorian Chimney Rebuild in Aldershot, Hampshire

Often the chimney on a victorian property has had very little care and attention over the years. Usually simply repointing and repair is all that is required but sometimes the condition of the chimney stack needs to be rebuilt. One of these chimneys was in a dreadful state, the other had been almost completely removed at sometime in the past. Luckily the neighbours worked together to share the scaffolding costs. We rebuilt both chimneys to match the others in the street but with the correct lead trays and flashing that most of the chimneys of that period lacked. Just one flue remained in active use on each house. The others were capped off to allow them to reduce water ingress but to allow them to breath. If you think your chimney needs maintenance please get in touch on 07849 336 711.