Large rustic fireplace with chesney wood burner

Chesney Log Burner Installation, Hook, Hampshire

A beautiful Chesney’s Chesney Log Burner Installation in Hook. We were called to look at a fireplace in a beautiful old house in Rotherwick, Hook. The fireplace had been bricked up to a very small opening but upon inspection we could see that the original fireplace was much bigger. As we unpicked the old fireplace we revealed a lovely sized opening with a nice swept arch of rustic brickwork.

We swept tested and lined the chimney with help of a cherry picker. after a few repairs we repointed the brickwork inside the fireplace with lime mortar and plastered the face of the chimney breast. The hearth material here is a riven slate – the perfect match for rustic brickwork. This is one of our favourite stoves – the Salisbury 5 by Chesney.

Opening up this fireplace and fitting a beautiful stove like the Chesney’s has transformed the room. Most importantly it has also introduced a clean renewable way to heat the room whilst giving that cosiness only a fire can provide.

Do you need a log burner installation in hook or the surrounding area? Please get in touch to see if we can help you.

Large rustic fireplace with chesney wood burner

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