Bronpi HUELVA four sided log burner Hampshire

Bronpi HUELVA four sided log burner, Bucks Horn Oak, Hampshire

This unusual stove is the Bronpi HUELVA four sided log burner. It has a whopping 16Kw output which was perfect for this large open plan house in Bucks Horn Oak in Hampshire. The burner is connected to a 200mm twin wall flue system which runs up through the loft space above. The hearth is a honed granite.

The four-sided aspect of this log burner is absolutely amazing. The Bronpi HUELVA has given this customer a great carbon neutral way to heat their home.

Bronpi HUELVA four sided log burner hampshire

Bronpi HUELVA four sided stove

Bronpi HUELVAfour sided stove

four sided stove farnham

Bronpi HUELVA four sided log burner Hampshire

free standing wood burning stove with twin wall flue

Contura 556 Style Wood Burner Installation, Farringdon, Alton, Hampshire

FireBug were commissioned to install a Contura 556 freestanding wood burner in a new build property in Farringdon, near Alton.

The house had been built with a mock chimney stack. This required us to install an internal twin wall chimney system to expel the combustion gasses from the wood burner. This ran up through the bedroom on the first floor where we tucked it into the corner of the room. The flue must be boxed in on every floor above the ground floor. The upside is, once the boxing in is plastered and decorated, it quickly disappears into the background. In the loft we built a cage around the flue, this makes inspection of the flue nice and easy whilst keeping combustible materials away from the flue.

The Chimney exists through the roof in a black finish – this always helps the flue to blend in, especially with this stye of property.

freestanding wood burner on rounded granite hearth

Contura 556 style wood burner

free standing wood burner Hampshire

free standing wood burning stove with twin wall flue

twinwall flue installation

twinwall flue for wood burning stoves

Twin wall flue in loft space
free standing wood burner alton

Free Standing Wood Burner, Alton, Hampshire

This freestanding wood burner is a Contura 810L with a twin wall chimney system. If you want a wood burner but don’t have a chimney in place a prefabricated twin wall chimney system is the simple solution. The basic requirement for a freestanding stove is a non combustible hearth & a flue to remove the combustion gasses.

A free standing wood burner is a great way to introduce a new clean and efficient heat source to you room.

free standing wood burner alton

freestanding wood burner with round hearth

industrial stove with twinwall flue

Industrial Style Multi Fuel Stove, Warnford, Winchester, Hampshire

This is a Brunner Iron Dog multi fuel stove. Installed as the heat source for an artists studio in an old farm building that was being repurposed . The Stove is connected to a twinwall insulated chimney from Poujoulat.

Wood Burning and multi fuel stoves are a great way to provide clean & green heat to off grid building.

industrial stove with twinwall flue

industrial stove with twinwall flue

industrial stove with twinwall flue

industrial stove with twinwall flue

free standing stove on granite hearth

Freestanding Wood Burning Stove, Four Marks, East Hampshire

As part of the renovation of this bungalow in Four Marks, we were commissioned to install a freestanding wood burning stove. This property didn’t have a chimney so it was required to fit a twinwall flue system. The chimney runs up through the ceiling, through the loft space, and exits through the roof. The stove choice here was a Contura 850 in black finish on a textured granite hearth.

Contura is a great choice of stove for this style of installation. With its low distance to combustibles, the Contura range of wood burning stoves can sit just 100mm away from a combustible wall. The tall design of the stove also works better aesthetically when a stove is freestanding in the room. It is also quite handy to have an area to store your wood beneath the stove.

Twinwall flue installation

Twinwall flue in hampshire

free standing stove on granite hearth

Scan wood burning stove Hampshire

Free Standing Log Burner, Lasham, East Hampshire

This Scan 83-3 Maxi log burner is all that is needed to heat this log cabin. The stove is stood on a glass hearth, letting you see the wood floe underneath. A twinwall flue system serves as the chimney for the appliance. A Woodburning appliance is the perfect way to heat an off grid property such as this.

free standing log burner in wood cabin

free standing log burner in wood cabin

making tea on a hobbit stove in the art studio

Hobbit Log Burner in Art Studio Wood, Alton, East Hampshire

The Hobbit Woodburning stove is the perfect choice when space is at a minimum. These tiny stoves were originally designed to be fitted in narrow boats but we have fitted them in all sorts of properties. More often than not this the stove of choice for garden rooms, garden offices and shepherds huts.

Our customer contacted us as she wanted a way to heat her art studio at the bottom of her garden. She also requested that we set the stove up so she could heat her tea pot on the top. This stove is shown with the tall stand – which we would normally recommend when in a free standing situation.

The stove is standing on a limestone hearth and is connected to as twinwall insulated flue. We couldn’t recommend this little stove enough, especially if you have a small space that needs a decent heat output.

making tea on a hobbit stove in the art studio

hobbit stove in art studio

twin wall flue install in garden room

twin wall flue install in art studio

Corner log burner in new extension

Corner Log Burner Installation, Four Marks, Alton, Hampshire

A freestanding log burner is a very typical addition to a large kitchen diner extension. Contura is a great brand when looking for this type of stove – they have a very low distance to combustibles, which means they can stand close to a stud work or plasterboard wall.

This customer wanted a circular corner hearth, but we can make your corner hearth in all shapes and sizes. The hearth here is in honed jet black granite. The stove is a Contura 510 Style with a cast door.

This type of installation called for the use of a Twinwall insulated flue system which runs straight up through the roof. This is ideally installed before the roof covering is fitted.

Corner log burner in new extension

External twinwall flue exiting flat roof

Contura wood burning stove Godalming

Free Standing Stove Installation, Godalming, Surrey

Free Standing Stove Installation, Godalming, Surrey

This stove is installed with a rear exiting flue to give a nice clean look in this newly built extension. If your planning on building an extension and fitting a stove please get in touch before work starts. We are always happy to look at plans & guide you on your options. It is often easier to make allowance for the flue when building say the roof structure than to retro fit the flue through a freshly plastered ceiling. We are very flexible in our approach and happy to work with your builders and around your schedule to make the project run smoothly. Please get in touch to discuss your installation requirements.

Contura 810 wood burning stove Farnham Surrey

Wood Burning Stove Installation, Frensham, Surrey

Free Standing Contura 810 Wood burning Stove Installation.

The Contura 810 free standing stove is perfect in this situation where the wall behind the stove is combustible or heat sensitive. The hearth is a textured granite cut to size with finished edges and profiled corners. The Twinwall Chimney system is manufactured by Poujoulat. Let us help you choose a wood burning stove that is best suited for your property.