making tea on a hobbit stove in the art studio

Hobbit Log Burner in Art Studio Wood, Alton, East Hampshire

The Hobbit Woodburning stove is the perfect choice when space is at a minimum. These tiny stoves were originally designed to be fitted in narrow boats but we have fitted them in all sorts of properties. More often than not this the stove of choice for garden rooms, garden offices and shepherds huts.

Our customer contacted us as she wanted a way to heat her art studio at the bottom of her garden. She also requested that we set the stove up so she could heat her tea pot on the top. This stove is shown with the tall stand – which we would normally recommend when in a free standing situation.

The stove is standing on a limestone hearth and is connected to as twinwall insulated flue. We couldn’t recommend this little stove enough, especially if you have a small space that needs a decent heat output.

making tea on a hobbit stove in the art studio

hobbit stove in art studio

twin wall flue install in garden room

twin wall flue install in art studio

wood burner with granite hearth and oak mantle

Wood Burner In False Chimney Breast, Farnham, Surrey

This is a classic twin wall flue installation, where there was no chimney present in the room. Creating a false chimney breast creates a feature in the room whilst keeping a traditional style. The chimney breast is constructed with a metal stud work, fire resistant board &. then plastered. The inside of the fireplace is lined with a heatproof cement board which can then be painted.

The wood burning stove is a Salisbury 5 by Chesney’s. We have fitted a floating oak mantlepiece finished in danish oil & a honed black granite hearth. All the elements have come together to transform this living room, whilst giving the customer a clean and efficient way of heating the room.

log burner with false chimney breast

wood burner with granite hearth and oak mantle

log burner in false chimney breast with twinwall flue

False chimney breast and wood burning stove

modern double sided wood burner

Modern Double Sided Wood Burner, Ropley, East Hampshire

This property featured an unusually deep double sided open fire. The customer opted to have us install a Parkray Aspect 4 double sided, double depth stove.

There was a lot of heat damage to the inside of the fireplace from the original open fire – we first removed all the old material and then replaced this with heat proof render. This also required us to plaster each face of the chimney breast. The chimney was actually too large a diameter for the stove to function correctly so we opted to re-line the chimney with a flexible liner and bird guard cowl. Once all this work was completed we fitted the double sided stove. The customer had requested the stove to be set up as a multi fuel appliance, which in this case was an optional multi fuel kit. Once set up and tested the fire looked great and solved the problem of the draft, inefficient open fire.

Double sided wood burner in rustic brick fireplace

Double Sided Wood Burner Installation, Farnham, Surrey

This property featured a double sided open fireplace. Fireplaces like this are often the poorest performing and as you can see by the staining above the fireplace – this one had been spilling smoke for years. To give the customer a properly working, safe and efficient way of heating their room we fitted a Parkray Aspect 4, double sided wood burner. This required us to sweep and line the chimney. The hearth looked great but did require some repair work where the original fire basket has sat. The staining on the very aged brickwork was actually a great aesthetic of this fireplace – and looked great with the addition of the new, slightly modern look of the stove.

Corner log burner in new extension

Corner Log Burner Installation, Four Marks, Alton, Hampshire

A freestanding log burner is a very typical addition to a large kitchen diner extension. Contura is a great brand when looking for this type of stove – they have a very low distance to combustibles, which means they can stand close to a stud work or plasterboard wall.

This customer wanted a circular corner hearth, but we can make your corner hearth in all shapes and sizes. The hearth here is in honed jet black granite. The stove is a Contura 510 Style with a cast door.

This type of installation called for the use of a Twinwall insulated flue system which runs straight up through the roof. This is ideally installed before the roof covering is fitted.

Corner log burner in new extension

External twinwall flue exiting flat roof

Floating oak mantle piece

Chesney’s Wood Burner With Oak Mantle, Farnham, Surrey

Chesney’s Salisbury 4 wood burner with floating oak mantle piece. This Victorian townhouse in Farnham had a cast iron fireplace and wooden surround. This was probably fitted the last ten years and wasn’t to the customer’s taste.

The chimney required sweeping and lining and some minor repairs. We also capped the other four disused chimney pots to keep the nesting birds and water ingress at bay. This was a particularly inaccessible chimney which needed scaffolding to do the required work.

After removing the surround and cast fireback we lime rendered the inside of the fireplace and plastered the front and sides of the chimney breast. It is at this point that we measure up for the hearth and get it cut by our stone mason. The customer requested a floating oak mantlepiece with a square planed finish to match the other woodwork in the room.

Once made we laid the hearth and fitted the mantle piece. The final stage is to install and test the wood burner. This has given the customer the much cleaner look that they wanted whilst giving them an efficient and clean way to heat their living room.

Chesney wood burner in victorian house

wood burner with oak floating mantlepiece

Floating oak mantle piece

Sage green Chesney's log burner with oak mantlepiece

Chesney’s Salisbury 4 Log Burner in Sage Green, Alton, Hampshire

This beautiful log burner is by Chesney’s – they offer a range of alternative colours including Atlantic blue & sage green. The subtlety of the colour is what makes it so appealing to the eye. This installation involved opening the fireplace up to the original width, heatproof render on the inside and plaster on the chimney breast front. The mantle piece is especially deep with a rustic look and a natural danish oil finish. The hearth is a textured grey granite & the stove is a Chesney’s Salisbury 4 in sage green finish. Combined with the final decoration of the room this installation looks amazing.

Sage green Chesney's log burner with oak mantlepiece

deep oak mantlepiece with sage green log burner

log burner with granite hearth and oak mantle

small log burner with oak mantlepiece

chesney salisbury4 with brickslips and granite hearth

Log Burner with brick slip lined fireplace, Farnham, Surrey

This fireplace had been used as an open, but with very poor heat output. The customer didn’t like the fireplace surround, which was installed when the house was build and was quite dated.  We advised on fitting a Chesney’s Salisbury 4 log burner with a new hearth to cover the footprint of the old hearth. We agreed on lining the fireplace with a rustic brick slip to introduce as nice feature to the very modern room.  After fitting the brick slips & plastering the chimney breast we fitted the hearth. The customer chose a river wash granite hearth, floating oak mantle piece in a slightly rustic style with danish oak finish. The finishing touch was the log burner – probably our favourite stove, the Salisbury 4 by Chesney. Another happy customer & installed just in time for Christmas.

original fireplace surround removed ready for installation of brickslips

log burner in fireplace lined with brick slips

log burner with granite hearth, brick slips and oak mantlepiece

chesney salisbury4 with brickslips and granite hearth

brick fireplace with Chesneys wood burner

Brickwork Fireplace with Salisbury 4 Wood Burner, Bordon, Hampshire

The challenge here was to make a very small fireplace opening look a little more in proportion with the room it was in. We kept the inside of the fireplace as the original bare brickwork to keep the opening as wide as possible. The choice of bricks were a rural cottage blend – not too dissimilar from the interior of the fireplace but a much more aesthetically appealing brick & with the rustic look the customer wanted. The mantlepiece was made from a piece of beech which we danish oiled & the hearth was a lovely riven slate. The wood burner is a Chesney’s Salisbury 4 in black finish. A very nice job with another happy customer.

brick fireplace with Chesneys wood burner
brick fireplace surround with beec h mantlepiece and hearth samples
brickwork fireplace with oiled mantlepiece
rustic brick fireplace with slate hearth and wood burner
brick fireplace with Chesneys wood burner
Contura wood burning stove Godalming

Free Standing Stove Installation, Godalming, Surrey

Free Standing Stove Installation, Godalming, Surrey

This stove is installed with a rear exiting flue to give a nice clean look in this newly built extension. If your planning on building an extension and fitting a stove please get in touch before work starts. We are always happy to look at plans & guide you on your options. It is often easier to make allowance for the flue when building say the roof structure than to retro fit the flue through a freshly plastered ceiling. We are very flexible in our approach and happy to work with your builders and around your schedule to make the project run smoothly. Please get in touch to discuss your installation requirements.