making tea on a hobbit stove in the art studio

Hobbit Log Burner in Art Studio Wood, Alton, East Hampshire

The Hobbit Woodburning stove is the perfect choice when space is at a minimum. These tiny stoves were originally designed to be fitted in narrow boats but we have fitted them in all sorts of properties. More often than not this the stove of choice for garden rooms, garden offices and shepherds huts.

Our customer contacted us as she wanted a way to heat her art studio at the bottom of her garden. She also requested that we set the stove up so she could heat her tea pot on the top. This stove is shown with the tall stand – which we would normally recommend when in a free standing situation.

The stove is standing on a limestone hearth and is connected to as twinwall insulated flue. We couldn’t recommend this little stove enough, especially if you have a small space that needs a decent heat output.

making tea on a hobbit stove in the art studio

hobbit stove in art studio

twin wall flue install in garden room

twin wall flue install in art studio

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