We can create the perfect hearth for your fireplace. Granite, slate, brick, tile or glass hearths by FireBug

Hearths supplied and fitted by FireBug

A hearth is a base intended to safely isolate a combustion appliance from people, combustible parts of the building, fabric and soft furnishings. The exposed surface of the hearth provides a region around the appliance which can be kept clear of anything at risk of fire.

Firebug can provide hearths cut to size which we source from a local stone mason. When it comes to material, the choices are limitless. Traditionally most stone hearths are coloured grey to black, preferable colours for something that will be exposed to soot and ash.

We can also lay tiled fireplace hearths, typical of the Victorian and Edwardian period. The tiles are available in a range of colours and come in a plain or traditional hand glazed finish. We work with a specialist tiling manufacture who can supply handmade reproduction tiles to match an existing fire surround.

Please get in touch to arrange a site survey to assess your requirements.