Chimney Sweeping Service

FireBug offers a chimney sweeping service to make sure your log burner is safe and efficient

Log Burner Maintenance & Chimney Sweeping Service

Wood burning stoves and open fires should be swept once a quarter when in use. Sweeping the chimney is required to prevent the build-up of soot and tar which can cause chimney fires. Soot contains corrosive element s which need to be removed to preserve the life of your flue, be it brick and mortar or a stainless-steel product. Sweeping your chimney will keep your log burner working safely and with the maximum efficiency. Please contact us to book in a sweep and or service.

FireBug uses Rodtech power sweeping equipment to ensure that your flue is left clean and free from debris. We also have the ability to camera survey your flue to check for damage or blockages of the chimney. If a flue has been left open blockages can come from birds nesting, the build-up of soot deposit or from fallen masonry from the chimney itself.