Chimney Cowls & Capping

Protect your chimney - Ask FireBug about fitting a chimney cowl or cap

Chimney Cowls & Capping

Chimney colws are a very important to keep your chimney in good working order. Chimneys are the most exposed part of any property, open to the elements on all sides. Any open flues will suffer from water ingress and more concerningly, from nesting birds.

Blockages from nesting birds can have devastating effects on a live flue and could lead to a chimney fire. On a disused but open flue the debris can build up over years, which can lead to damp patches coming through into the property and mortar being washed out.

There are various different chimney caps and cowls available which can be fitted to prevent these types of problems.

We would suggest capping off all disused flues to prevent water ingress but allow a small amount of airflow to keep damp at bay.

FireBug provides a professional chimney cowl installation service. Please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements and for advice on chimney capping or chimney cowl installation.